How Do Famous Bloggers Blog?

How is a famous blogger writing a blog? Have you ever asked questions like this? For QuyTran, this question is always present in the beginning right from the start of blogging, moreover his final destination is making money online from the blog. So I always try to learn the writing styles of famous bloggers by visiting their blogs regularly to read articles. To see how they write, the presentation and the use of words that apply to their blog (creative, not stereotyped, guys).

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How do I make my blog popular on Blogger?

1. Write Simple:
Using simple words like “look” rather than “observe” will not only make the content more readable, but it will also make it easier to find because users tend to use simple words to search.

2. Good Document Preparation:
Before writing the article, we always need to be able to learn about the material related to the topic. To do this well, it is best to hire professional information aggregators.

3. Express Yourself:
Let the reader see your passion and understanding of the subject in question. Describe to your readers how you view your opinions clearly and directly. Then surely they will interact with you more. The average blog reader stops at no more than 5 seconds per page and that is the amount of time that you have to leave your mark. Write an interesting title, a creative sapo (first paragraph, summary of the whole article) will definitely attract readers.

4. Select Appropriate Content:
Selecting information from users (mainly via comments) is very useful information and can be included as a document for your next article. However, you should not put all the comments in a new post, but instead, select the comments that reflect the topic.

5. Content Transformation:
Blog content should not be kept forever. Instead, you should build content from a completely new perspective and occasionally change the length of the article. In addition, it is possible to change the way of conveying by inserting videos into blogs, inserting silde, photos into blogs instead of the usual text.

6. Sharing:
Add sharing options for your content and share them on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn …

7. No Advertising of Outrageous Products:
Content on your website should aim to convey useful information and share views with users instead of just advertising and trying to sell your products to them all day.

8. Directing Content To Target Users:
You cannot write to “anyone”. Instead, take the time to research your chosen market, find out what they want, need, and find ways to provide that information to them in the best way possible.

9. Create Crowd Effect:
Content created by users and shared with their friends is always highly viral. Therefore, you can take advantage of this effect to attract more attention from users to your newly published content by asking readers for their opinions and asking them to share content with you. my friends.

10. Meeting the Needs of the Community:
If you want to create a viral effect, the first thing to do is to give the community a reason to create that effect. Take time to research and find out what people are talking about and want to know more about at the time and give them more information.

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blogging for beginners, blogging tips, blogging tips 2020, blogging tips from a full time blogger, blogging tips for new bloggers

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